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Seth Godin

Piacevole intervista concessa da Seth Godin a Inc. Non mi entusiasma il punto di partenza giornalistico che parte dagli errori anziché dalle best practices, ma Godin ci mette del suo.

Un piccolo estratto:

What would you say is the greatest mistake that marketers are making today?

Godin: The big mistake is thinking that their job is to spend money to get attention. If they think that that is what their job is, they will never ever succeed in marketing.

How can companies get marketing right?

Godin: Start by understanding that no one cares about them. People care about themselves. Anyone who tweets about a brand or favorites a brand is doing it because it is a symbol of who they are–it is a token, it is a badge. It’s about them, it’s not about the brand.

E ancora:

Commitment is what is required to change minds. We change our minds because we have made a commitment because something moves us.